A Budding Writer

Like other 1st grade students, Oakley was asked to complete a writing assessment sometime in the last couple of weeks. This is something they write at school in which they are encouraged to use all of their writing tools. I think Oakley comes with a truckload…

My favorite snowy day activity is sledding. I like sledding because sledding makes me feel like I am soaring down a massive hill with very swift and jerkey moments. Another thing I like to do is sip hot chocolate. Sipping hot chocolate makes me feel all warm and toasty inside. It makes me feel like I do when someone I love is surounding me. Hot chocolate makes me feel spectacular. When hot chocolate has marshmellows with it the hot chocolate makes feel even better. I also like building snowmen. The chilly snow on my fingertips makes me remember how fortanate we are to be having this much snow. It is so fun to roll the snow balls all different sizes. I wonder how many cinemeters it takes to get across the bottom sphere. Finnaly when I am on the last object I know every time that I am going to be satisfied with my snowman. When I am finished, I make sure that I have added every single part. Then I stand back to admire it. Sometimes I might say its to big. Sometimes I say its just right. And sometimes I might say, “Its to small. I will make it bigger next time!” I positivly love snowy winter days! I love playing in the snow, hot chocolate with marshmellows, and last but not least, building snowmen. I wish the whole world was of snow.

I have it on pretty good authority that this would have been a good writing assessment for a 5th grader… How awesome is Oakley!?

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