< class="entry-title">Camp Chippewa… 75 years

I’ve mentioned it before, but Camp Chippewa holds an incredibly special place in my heart.

People have asked me on occasion if we’re ever gonna “try for a boy”. I say unequivocally, “Why would we?” I adore my three girls and wouldn’t trade them for anything. The same people wonder about sports, or whatever, and that’s never an issue, because girls play sports too.

Camp Chippewa, though, is the only reason I’ve ever, for a moment, wished for a boy. And why? Because Camp Chippewa is for boys only, and Camp Chippewa is an awesome experience.

This year marks the 75th anniversary of that awesome experience… a summer in the north woods. Please, if you’ve got a son, check out this video for a great picture of why camp matters. And if you have even a thought of going, ask me about it. I’d love to share.

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