< class="entry-title">Blizzard, Sledding, and Missing Teeth!!!

It doesn’t snow very often here in Nashville; it just doesn’t. Threats are commonplace… actual snow, not so much. I heard someone say today that there’s a “Nashville Snow Effect”. You take the forecasts, divide them by 10, and you get reality. It’s not far off.

So, last night when they cancelled school for today, I was dubious. On this fine occasion, though, they were right. We got actual snow.

And snow is just. plain. fun. I have no better way of sharing that with you than a bit of video. We cruised over to the hill at our next door neighbor’s house and had at it… All the girls feature nicely in the video, as do I in a first person attempt at recording the raw adrenaline that is small hill sledding. But do you know who steals the show? None other than Miss Oakley.

Miss Oakley lost one of her two front teeth on Wednesday night, you see. Early reports, which now appear to be erroneous, involved an incident in which Oakley accidentally jammed her own face into a mirror in her bathroom, thereby dislodging the tooth. Regardless of how it happened, I can confirm that there was blood everywhere in that girl’s bathroom when I got upstairs. And I can confirm that it gave me flashbacks to an event from my childhood…

You see, about 19 years ago, I introduced my face to an icy sledding hill going somewhere north of 30 mph. And one way or another, that sledding hill claimed my front tooth, the permanent one. And to this day, I have the special ability to go toothless. So, in a sign of solidarity with Oakley, and out of fear of a repeat sledding incident, I went toothless on the sledding hill.

Enjoy my toothlessness. Enjoy Oakley’s unconscious obsession with her own lost tooth. And enjoy the snow in Nashville. We certainly have.

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