< class="entry-title">Two More Witches

Yesterday, I shared with you the tree, er, three broomsticks

Today, I share with you… their parents!

Is this Jenn’s costume? No ma’am. Well, OK, the hat is a costume, but the outfit isn’t. You know why? Because my wife is a badass. So many women are self-conscious, worried about standing out, worried whether their outfit is “appropriate”. My wife? She’s willing to have a little fun, so she wore this outfit to church today. In all sincerity, I think that is undeniably cool.

Undeniably funny, though, is the fact that Jenn is wearing Aspen’s tights from the night before!



“Witch. I said, “Witch!” I swear.


And who’s that sexy warlock!?

As for Karen Halbert’s assessment in a prior post that Aspen’s legs go on forever in the striped tights, how about Jenn’s?


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