< class="entry-title">Target. Mah-tah.
Target Logo

Aspen and Jenn were hanging out this week, and Aspen happened to notice a bag with a logo much like the one above.

Aspen: Now I get it!
Jenn: What?
Aspen: Now I get why a Target bag has that shape on it. It’s a target.
Jenn: Yes.
Aspen: That must be their mah-tah!
Jenn: What?!
Aspen: Their mah-tah.
Jenn: Do you mean their “motto”?
Aspen: Yes. Sorry.
Jenn: Yeah, well, it’s OK. That’s their logo

(Note: Aspen finds stuff like this funny, too! We still laugh about the way she first pronounced “dev-ah-stuh-ted”…)

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