< class="entry-title">Lays Potato Chips and Archaeology


As new homes in Tennessee go, ours is in a pretty old spot. The very first settlement in Williamson County was, literally, across the street from us, and dates back to at least 1800. We’re talking really old. In fact, our local plant expert, Mike Berkley, tells us that his read on things is that our “orchard” has been cultivated for an incredibly long time.

Well, our girls love to go exploring in the woods… The find random stuff all the time. It seems that we might have had a barn of some form back on our property at some point… Or, perhaps, we might just have had the “dump” from some other building project. We find bricks, and bathtubs, and stuff on occasion in the woods.

After a period of exploration yesterday, each of the girls came in and told us, definitively, that the people who lived here before us must have been rich.

When asked how they knew, they simply said, “Well, they bought lots of Lays Potato Chips.”

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