I’m thankful for a magical teacher…

Last night, Jenn encouraged each of us to share something for which we are thankful. By the time we reached Jenn, she knew exactly what she would say… she was grateful for our children’s great teachers. No doubt, our girls have great teachers, but one in particular stood out to us this past week…

In our society, our very best teachers are rewarded in precisely the same way that our very worst teachers are… They get paid the same amount; they deal with the same number of kids; they probably suffer the same number of complaining parents.

Not today, though, Miss Drury. Today, I place you on the pedestal you’ve earned. If you played a sport, you would be paid millions. If you were an entertainer, you’d be spilling your life story on Oprah’s couch. As Oakley’s teacher? The 12 readers of flamingobear.com will hear about your most recent display of greatness.

Many teachers, even great teachers, celebrate the holidays with the kids. Halloween parties, fall parties, spring parties… the passing of the seasons and the school year merit celebration… These markers in the year are relevant, and they’re important too. But there are few teachers who celebrate their kids’ academic achievements like Miss Drury did a week ago today.

Parents, grandparents, and fans alike were invited to Miss Drury’s classroom for a “Publishing Party”. Each of the kids had written, edited, and published their very own book. From Oakley’s verbosity to Luis’ even more impressive adoption of English, every child had published a book and got to share it with a thrilled audience. Even better, each of the parents and the kids had the chance to leave comments for the author. Trust me, as a blogger (and parent to Oakley), authors love comments.

As the parents rained praise upon Miss Drury, she relentlessly redirected that praise to her students. I say with no doubt whatsoever that Miss Drury has precisely the kind of competence that lets her deflect praise whenever it comes… because her abilities shine just so brightly.

Miss Drury, on this day just after Thanksgiving, I hope you know just how grateful we are for you.

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