< class="entry-title">Three Broomsticks

Halloween got off to a slow start with the cancelation of two more soccer games (bummer!), but it picked up from there. We had an excellent, chill visit to the farmers’ market, followed by a visit to Provence’s Fall Fest. Much to our surprise, the Fall Fest included face painting, which contributed to the later festivities beautifully.

As every Halloween should, ours finished with some excellent trick-or-treating on a gorgeous, crisp, fall night. Really, a nearly full moon, a partly cloudy sky, 50° temperatures… it was beautiful. Further, the neighborhood we adopted for the night (Annandale) was nothing short of fantastic. The walks were short, the people were great (this is part of our school bus route), and the houses were awesome. All told, the night was great.

Without further ado, allow me to present, “The Three Broomsticks“!




“Stand up so they can see your whole costume!”






And Lou (Scary)!


Or Lou (Sweet)!

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