Sooo Much Better

24 hours ago, my heart hurt. My little baby, Lindy, was hurting, and not just a little bit. Yesterday at about 4:30, Lindy fell down hard… (She said she landed in a “seal stand”, two hands out.) From that point forward, Lindy would not move her arm at all. Any movement, initiated by her or us, resulted in screams.

We built a little sling for Lindy, and tried to help her through the night. Truthfully, she did great with a combination of Aspen’s beanbag chair and some Motrin. She slept in her own bed, woke up about four times, and came down to get me this morning on her own. I was proud of her.

This morning, we headed straight to the pediatrician (with whom we had spoken last night… She wanted us not to go the ER, simply to avoid whatever illnesses we might pick up!). Dr. Rauth sent us along to Radiology at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital.


Waiting for X-Rays

To make a long story short (and skip over the really painful parts), Lindy did not break her arm. Oh, we thought she did. Jenn was certain of it. But we got the best piece of news we could have. Lindy had a “nursemaid’s elbow“. The orthopedic doctor supinated (or whatever it is they do) and Lindy screamed! But less than 15 minutes later, Lindy was fully recovered. Already today, Lindy did the monkey bars and is back doing her endless “carp wheels”! We simply can’t be more excited. Really.

(For those of you who would ever have occasion to, this does mean that Lindy is more likely to have this happen in the future. Pulling on her right arm is not a good idea. Certainly don’t swing her by her hands or pick her up by her hands. Use her armpits!)

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