Purple Pandas Pounded

This has long been the place for the adulation of my daughters’ soccer teams. Well, today we get to share a drubbing! That’s right, Aspen’s Purple Pandas went down at the hands of a good team to the tune of 7-1. But, there were some good things too! It isn’t, of course, all about winning.

One of the challenges for the Pandas was a small roster! Today, they played with just the minimum 6 throughout (and truth be told, injuries meant there were about 5 minutes where they were one short!) And, speaking of “short”, the shortish number 2 you see in the video below is none other than Oakley Martin! True, this was a U9 game, and Oakley is still 6, but her sister’s team needed some help, so Oakley stepped up. (Over the course of the game, Oakley’s sisterly, loving hands were needed for Aspen too!)

We’ve got one half worth of video that features some of Aspen’s awesome goalkeeping and a remarkable save. We’ve also got one half worth of pictures which feature, among other things, Oakley setting up the only Panda goal of the game. Well done Martin girls (and well done other Pandas who might be reading this).

(If you’d rather jump right to Aspen’s “moment”, you can click here.)

Some game photos

[If you’d care to see all the decent shots we got at the game, feel free to click through to the slideshow on flickr. Panda teammates will find a few more shots of themselves there…]


Oakley in full stride


A “battle”


Aspen clears one from right in front of Oakley’s goal


The Martin pair defends together



Oakley’s Assist


Oakley starts her run down the wing…




Oakley turns toward goal


Remi finishes Oakley’s pass

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