Fall Break

I’m gonna go ahead and take a stand on Fall Break. I’m officially in favor of it. That’s right… no qualifying here… Fall Break is indubitably good.

This year, we found ourselves in Nashville the whole time, but we were none the worse for it.

  • Saturday included one soccer game and a nice visit to the farmers’ market.
  • Sunday was spent with Uncool Brian and visiting the Delvins’ Farm for a celebration of the closing of the CSA season.
  • Monday found us at Edwin Warner Park hiking as a family.
  • Tuesday included a little family breakfast before heading back into the working world. Oh well.

Still, I have some nice pictures for you…

From the Hike


Jenn is like tree


The cave in 2008


And 2009

From the Milking

Yeah, that’s right, the milking. When we were at the Delvins’, we got a chance to do some goat milking! Oh how my Wisconsin “ancestry” would be proud.


Aspen was a champ… check out that stream


Oakley dove right in


And for Lindy, some helpful coaching led to…


A startling discovery!

The milking wasn’t all we got to do, though. We were given free reign to explore the farm, and that we did.


Gotta love some pigs…

Fall Break. I’m for it.

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