Oakley’s Note to Lindy

My daughter Oakley is both smart and funny. She’s in first grade, where many kids are still learning the basics of reading and writing, where many are only doing those things when asked. Oakley? She’s doing them for fun.

My favorite part of this is the combination of cultural awareness (spelling our president’s name) and unawareness (thinking he has a “palace”). Oh, that and the fact that, even though she’s smart as a tack, she still goes for the humorous (and slightly off-color) finale. I don’t expect Obama will be asking her to write any speeches for him.

I’ve included the text here so it’s easier to read:

Dear Linden Trinity Martin. You are noted [invited?] to the grand palace. You will perform to the President and you might also win a trophy.

Barack Obama

P.S. You gas a lot. It is funny. Booooom! What!

Oakley's note

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