< class="entry-title">Macs and Big Monitors :: The Solution


I love big _______ and I cannot lie. Sir Mix A Lot was talking about something else, but I’m talking monitors. And no, I don’t mean 20”, or even 24”, I mean the full 30” monitor complete with 2560 × 1600 resolution. Huge.

At work, we’ve had great success with these monitors. The older Macbook Pros we all run support them natively via Dual Link DVI cables. The new Macs, unfortunately, have an adapter which, well, it blows.

I’ve had the pain of dealing with it for a while at home. It was tolerable, honestly, but still annoying. Well, for anyone who is desparate to run a 30” monitor with any of the current Macs (including the Mac Mini, the Air, the Macbook Pros), the answer arrived today.

Since we were robbed a few weeks ago, I had to replace the monitor here in the house. I did so with this model. What’s different about this monitor? It supports DisplayPort, a new standard for monitors. Complete with a Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort cord (not included), you get 30”, full resolution love without any of the downside.

No more flashing, stuttering, etc. It is a problem solved, and someone else who loves huge monitors like I do will be very happy to know this. Yes, it’s expensive, but if you’re springing for a 30” monitor anyway, you definitely want to get it to work just right.

My apologies go out to all of you readers who suffered through this, hoping to read about hollandaise sauce or Aspen.

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