The Social Progression

We were sitting down to read tonight, just before bed, like we always do. I heard the phone ring downstairs, and promptly ignored it (as I often do). When it rang again, I decided I’d better go see what was up.

Well, it turns out that one of Aspen’s friends from school had called. Now, this has happened before. Play dates need to be set up, sleepovers arranged. I figured it was something along those lines, so I let Aspen make a quick call back while we all waited. Get this:

Aspen’s friend had called with no other purpose than to talk on the phone!

Whoa. What could possibly be next? The prom?!

So Aspen had a sweet little conversation with her friend. When she called, she didn’t really have the whole “Hi, this is Aspen, could I speak to ____” thing down, but that’s OK. Her friend happened to have answered, and really, will Aspen’s generation even need to start that way? Aren’t phones and people a one-to-one relationship now to a large degree?

My favorite part of the call, though, was the ending. I hinted to Aspen that it was time to wrap it up… we were all waiting to read with her. She told her friend she needed to go, and then said…

Would you like to talk to anyone else in my family?

How incredibly sweet and funny is Aspen!?

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