< class="entry-title">Normalcy…

Well, we’re returning to a bit of normalcy after getting robbed (literally) a week or so ago. We’ve finally been allowed to replace the computer, monitor, and camera that are really a regular part of our routine. And so, blogging and excessive life recording may now resume!

Something that doesn’t stop these days is tomato production, and we’re grateful for it. Our window sills often look just like this…


An assortment, including sungolds and black cherries


All romas all the time

And somehow, we totally neglected to mention Jenn’s birthday here on the blog. One of her gifts was the filling of a long empty wall in our kitchen. In some regards, we’re both impatient people. (I still can’t believe I haven’t won the lottery yet… until later tonight.) But we’re both good at waiting until something speaks to us with regard to decorating our house. Curtains, cushions, pictures… they will eventually speak to us, and these did…


Happy Birthday, Jenn

And lastly, lest you were worried, we’ve been able to eat well through the whole incident as the robber didn’t grasp the quality of the kitchen equipment! Tonight’s treat?


Roasted Vegetable Sandwiches

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