< class="entry-title">An Indelible Memory

A week ago, we took a recommendation from Jay and Stephanie and headed out to the Harpeth River for a bit of canoeing. We had a great time on the river. Exploring, swimming, eating some lunch, the whole thing was awesome. The girls were great… it was just a great experience.


Last week, we rented our canoe from Tip-a-canoe, and we had a fine experience with them. They got us on the water, the trip cost $40, and we had a great time. I tell you this only to say, this week, we went canoeing again. After lusting after the colorful canoes all day last Saturday, we decided were getting ourselves one this time. Foggy Bottom came to the rescue! Our experience with Foggy Bottom was better, top to bottom. Better price ($30), nicer people, cleaner canoe, and oh how I love a fiberglass canoe. The water was lower this week, and we slid right over no fewer than 50 rocks. Thank you, my plastic friend.


Our Tip-a-canoe

Most of the trip highlights live in our memories… Jelly Rock, a place named by the girls, was a real favorite the first time around. It was a creek that entered the Harpeth and allowed for some great play time.

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Trips like this… I think they’re such a great influence on the girls (and us). The girls played, they explored, they did such a great job. We were on the river for almost 5 hours each time, and it flew by like no time at all.

Certain experiences will always stick with you, throughout your life. I have mental snapshots from my youth that just don’t go away. If I had to guess, our time at the rope swing yesterday will be one of those moments for me, and perhaps for the girls as well. It was a perfect combination of fun and accomplishment. And the bonus? We got some of it on video. So, enjoy it with us… We’ll be watching this one more than a few times…

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