Lovely Ladies

Just wanted to say thanks to some good friends who came to our house for dinner last night. The women photographed here are some of my wife’s best friends, and we thoroughly enjoyed having their families scattered around our yard.


I’ve been reading this article on photographing groups of people… It’s got some great ideas about how to get people on different levels, different planes, facing different directions. Mind you, I only remembered a little bit of it, so I didn’t give very good direction, and we really didn’t have anything to use to be on a different level in the middle of the grass. So, in truth, the women did a great job looking good in the picture above. (Of course, these women always look good, it is merely the photographer who might have failed them in the second picture.)

When left to their own devices, this was how they posed.


It’s my obligation to make fun of Laura, Amanda, and Keeley for two reasons. One, each of them will take my abuse and smile. And two, really, who actually stands like that, er, sits, or what in the world are you doing, Keeley?!

So, thanks to all of you for coming over and being great friends to us… and thanks for taking my abuse!

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