< class="entry-title">I live with four women

Well, someday that will be true. Today, I live with my wife and three little girls. And you know what? I sincerely love it. I grew up around women, for the most part, I have a reasonable understanding of them, I even like things that women like. That’s right, I can watch What Not To Wear or a cooking show and embrace it.

My reward for embracing women?


Me and my ladies

Tell me that’s not awesome!

We went out on the front porch this morning after church and busted out the self-timer function on the camera. This one can be set to burst one or many shots. The chronology of the shots is really fun, I think.

First off, the serious, proper, straight picture.


The Happy Family

I love this picture for the reactions from the girls. Oakley is in awe… the romantic. Lindy is so enchanted she’s actually trying to participate via her pucker. And Aspen is just embarrassed to the point of laughter.


This Kiss

Things quickly degenerated into this… And for those of you keeping score, I do think Aspen has just busted out the international symbol for “call me”.


And then, “the photographer” must have said something like, “Tim, have you really imagined what life will be like in about nine years?”



Truth be told, I’m not all that scared, but I do think that’s about the funniest face I’ve conjured in quite a while…

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