Trinidad, Tobago, Altidore, and 250 questions in 2 hours

We had an awesome night last night as the US Men’s National Team (MNT) defeated Trinidad & Tobago while we all looked on. Jozy Altidore, all of 19 years old, scored three goals and the atmosphere overall was just fantastic.

The weather cooperated, and so did the walk-up crowd, bringing the total to over 27,000 fans. In a way that I’m not always, I was quite proud of Nashville’s performance. The city came out in force (choosing the event over the UFC fight at the Sommet Center… yuck.)

The girls were thrilled. Lindy, who knew I was Michael Bradley fan from a prior game we watched together, shouted his name constantly and always wanted to know where he was (“Just look for the yellow shoes, Lindy!”) Aspen and Oakley were able to see the game due to our fantastic 2nd row seats on just above the 18 yard box on the side of the stadium away from the cameras.

You can tell my daughters are excited when they can’t stop talking. Between Lindy and Aspen, I swear (and this is not hyperbole), I answered no fewer than 250 questions over the course of the two hour game. I was exhausted, but thrilled in total.

The pictures fail to capture much of the experience, but I wanted to prove we were there, so I thought I’d share a few.






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