The Nashville Masters 2009

And so ends a tradition unlike any other, the Nashville Masters. Each year, my great friends from high school (more or less) come down for my annual golf trip… here at home. They all trek down from Wisconsin and we play a ridiculous amount of golf.

Various years have included visits from Chris Benes, Chad Bolliger, Jack Stuck, Marne Stuck, and Dan Stuck. This year (and the last three) included Andy Benes, better known as Reggie or “The Reg”. And each and every year has included Viet Dong (I think).

While the quantity of pictures varies year to year, you can see here that Viet has always been great with the kids.


Viet with Oakley in April 2003

This year the key combatants in the battle for my daughters’ hearts were the sole visitors, and we had an awesome time. This week is legitimately among my favorite of the year. We play golf every day, and then we come home and my friends play with my kids while I just watch and enjoy. Viet and Reg bring the energy that comes from not having kids and the heart that makes them so great with the kids. A heartfelt thanks goes out to Reg and Viet. (And congratulations to Reg and Jess, getting married in just two weeks! I think Oakley’s heart my be broken!)


Reg and the “Sea Puppy”

So, without further adieu, the golf highlights. I believe the only reader of this blog who has reason to watch the whole thing is Stuck, who is still crushed that he wasn’t here. The rest of you can pass right on by (although there is a solid game of tag featuring my daughters in the middle of the video).

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