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It’s been busy around the Martin house of late, primarily with the Nashville Masters, but that post will come later. First, a quick update on the garden.

We’ve been harvesting some herbs we picked up at Home Depot with regularity. The cilantro is doing well (and it’s been eaten to the stalk) and a few other herbs are finding their way into our food regularly (chives among them).

Friday, we got our first package from White Flower Farms, the supplier of our tomatoes and a few other things. I thought I’d share the good…


Healthy Lavender

And the bad…


Pathetic Basil!

Fortunately, we’ve had good experiences with White Flower Farm and their support. Hopefully a call this week will result in some new basil, or at least a refund…

This group of herbs includes… lavender, winter savory, basil, golden sage, french thyme, and rosemary. A year ago I would have scoffed at the idea that we would actually use all this stuff, but no longer. I have little doubt all of these things will find their way into my diet in time!

For the rest of the pictures, you can visit here.

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