All Around Easter 2009

OK, one more quick shot of our Easter party today. As I stood on the playset, I tried to capture 360 degrees of what was going on. With more than 100 people out there, it’s a more than one person or one lens can capture.

Well, for the first time, I experimented with some software called Hugin that allows for the stitching together of several images (7, in this case).

So, without further adieu, check it out.


Panorama Part One

So if you click on the image above, you’ll get a slightly larger version of it. If you want to try to find yourself in the picture, you might want to opt for the monster version.

Lastly, at least a couple of you actually end up in the picture twice due to the magic of stitching and your high rate of speed… Can you figure out who?

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