Window Seats

I’d like to find a way to make this post interesting, or important, or something, but mostly we’re just excited cause we got our window seats finished. Jenn and I have an uncommon ability to be patient, occasionally. We’ve been in our house for three years now, and we just got around to getting cushions for the four window seats we have. So, I’m sharing them now… Woo!

Thanks also to my excellent model, featured below. She is, of course, wide awake; she’s just a remarkable actor.

Aspen’s Room

My Room

The “Away” Room

Oakley’s Room
Many thanks go out to Sarah (last name unknown) and Cindy Hudson who did the work on this for us. I am loathe to give up control of things I care about, but I was able to do so here and end up happy! This doesn’t happen all that often, so both deserve credit. I met Cindy as she did some funky painting in our office, and she introduced me to Sarah, who does the seamstress work. Thanks again!

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