< class="entry-title">Never has a father been so proud to hear his daughter called "Evil"

Alright, this week I took the new little video camera with me to the game (instead of the camera). That’s right, the team is so good that I can spend part of the game shooting instead of coaching it. As much as I’d like to do that, I can’t say I’m much of a videographer when I’m coaching… I get distracted.

Still, I was able to capture a proud moment of Aspen. In the 5th period, I assigned Aspen the task of guarding the best player in the league [not on our team]. She’s fast, she shoots pretty well, and she’s got, well, attitude. At halftime, as we walked back onto the court, she snapped at one of our girls and said, “You’re going down!” Keep in mind that we were up big at this point and she had been outscored by Cassie (the girl to whom she said it).

So, the little 30 second snippet below will show you a bit about how things worked out when Aspen took her turn defending her.

Aspen’s Defense from Tim Martin on Vimeo.

Aspen’s Stat Line:

Total Time: 6 minutes
Total Blocked Shots: At least 4
Total Opponent Points: 0

Parting shot heard by Aspen (spoken to someone else about Aspen by her opponent): “She’s evil.”
Aspen’s reaction: A big smile.

Never has a father been so proud to hear his daughter called “evil”.

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