Day 2… More than Snowboarding

Alright, Day 2 in Tahoe is coming to a close. (Yes, I go to bed early here.) Today included some more snowboarding, including a visit to the top of Mt Lincoln. Truth be told, the descent from Lincoln was mostly one of survival, but the view at the top was worth it. At this point in my development, I barely get my eyes up off the snow in front of me, such is the focus required for survival. (This is particularly true given the increased crowds on the weekend. Don’t the 6 year olds in the ski class know that I’m just learning?!)

Today’s video is from the afternoon’s activity. We decided to walk around the cabin. Literally, once around the cabin. Snowshoes were borrowed (and nearly required), and we had a bunch of fun. Digging, snowballs, etc, and all done about 10 feet above the ground. Seriously, there is just that much snow.

Nothing particularly exciting on the video, just some playing in the winter wonderland.

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