< class="entry-title">Why I did that to you…

One of my favorite blogs that I read regularly is Heather Armstrong’s. Why? Well, I don’t really know. I guess it’s mostly that she’s honest, writes well, and find some of the same things interesting that I do. Some of my favorite posts are the ones where she seems to be explaining something to her child, a child who is four years old and obviously doesn’t read the blog. I imagine that Leta, her daughter, will read her blog years from now and marvel at her mother’s insanity, candor, or vulgar mouth… or something.

So, some of the time when I’m working on this blog, I imagine that my daughters will find their way back to this blog years from now. Sometimes, that’s my filter… I don’t want to write something or post something that would completely embarrass them. Sometimes that future visit, though, gives me permission to write something preachy or self-serving. It is, after all, a note to their future selves.

So, later, when I post some pointless diatribe about using big words or not watching TV, you’ll see the tag “why i did that to you”. You’re welcome to skip right past it, or, better yet, tell me why I’m wrong.

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