< class="entry-title">A Cool Gift Idea

jenni3, originally uploaded by flamingobear.

So I’m going to toot my own horn a bit here, but really I’m doing it for you, so that you can copy me if you like. I saw this really cool image of Obama a few months ago and thought it might be cool to create something like it.

In asking around, I learned that there are a few pieces of software that enable such things… one being MacOsAix. It’s a free piece of software, and it takes as an input flickr streams. So, after asking my helpful brother in law to uniquely tag a few of his photos and upload a few of my sister’s, I was off the races.

The image above actually includes some 1200 other images from our family trip to Italy. The primary image is one taken by Jenni herself of the place they stayed in Venice. We all spent some time looking at Nana and Papa’s image (of the villa in which we stayed) during the Christmas holiday. It’s a fantastic way to relive a trip.

A word to the wise: if the feeds you’re using include “inappropriate” pictures, I promise the software will find them. Perhaps my brother-in-law will post a link to his favorite image from the Italy trip in the comments…

I’ll post the images given to Karen’s family and Nana and Papa over the next few days.

I’ll also follow with some details of the gifts given to us as they were equally impressive.

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