She claims this really happened

Since my wife is unlikely to blog, I figured I would share this with you. She claims that it really happened, but I’ll let you be the judge.

Last night, I went to bed before Jenn. Mind you, I didn’t go early or anything… it was after midnight (due to the wrapping). Knowing my wife, it was probably 2am by the time she arrived. I was, apparently, asleep already.

Jenn: kneels down to pray as she does before getting in bed
Tim: Are you looking for the bovine creatures?
Jenn: ignores me… thinking I’m just mumbling in my sleep
Tim: Are you looking for the nekkid cows?
Jenn: What? No, I’m praying. [laughs]
Tim: [annoyed] Stop laughing. I used the right word. Bovine means cows.

Mind you, I’m not the only one who says silly stuff when sleepy. Back in, oh, 1996, Jenn and I had this exchange as she napped one day:

Jenn: [deep in her nap] You missed your pick!
Tim: What?
Jenn: You missed your pick!
Tim: What are we picking?
Jenn: We’re pickin’ pigs.

Well, obviously.

And lastly, can I ask you this? Should I be pleased about Jenn’s current judgment or concerned about her initial judgment when I hear last night that she has to return something she’s purchased for me because it’s for a woman?

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