Thank you, Lipscomb

Well, we’re off to a good start on the new school year. It is admittedly a bit of a challenge, as we were rezoned over the summer. We were never really in love with Edmondson, frankly, so that part was no big deal. But, Aspen had a bunch of friends, so that part of the move was sad. (We miss you, Cassie!)

As for Lipscomb, we’re off to a great start. Oakley went to school for a little while yesterday, and she had a great time. The “games” she got to play with her teacher (Mrs. Gilliland) and the other Kindergarten teachers were a good start.

Aspen is enjoying herself as well. Tonight she was telling me a bit about school today. She said (and I paraphrase):

“We were playing with Mrs. Dodd today, and she has a magic wand. She swept the wand over us, and it made sounds, and then it pointed a blue light at somebody. She asked a boy what 2 + 2 was, and he said 6 on purpose. She had to fix her wand.”

There were two things that I thought were really cool about that. One, Aspen, without thinking about it, said playing. She was learning, yes, but it didn’t feel like it. She felt like she was playing. (Sure, school still feels long to her. But seriously, work feels long to me and I have the best job going. She leaves home at 8am and gets home at like 4:40. But the bus problems are a totally different story.)

The second cool thing is that she had a memorable learning moment on the fourth day. I kid you not, I’m not sure she had a single memorable learning moment in her entire year last year.

So, thank you, Lipscomb. We are off to a good start and we appreciate it.

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