< class="entry-title">Oops!

OK, so I managed to go through the whole of Jenn’s birthday yesterday without taking a picture… Oh well, I’m sure she’ll be crushed.

As the girls wrote on countless banners around the house, “Happy Brithday, Mammoo!”

Aspen (with Oakley’s help) gave Jenn a really sweet gift. She took one of the sunflowers that had grown in the garden and harvested the seeds from it herself. No, they weren’t in great shape. But Aspen collected them and packaged them up and wrapped them herself. It was really sweet. (This was on top of the vegetables that she snuck out of the house to get yesterday morning.)

Aspen packed the sunflower seeds by placing them in a ziploc bag full of water (so they wouldn’t dry out), and then putting them in a gift bag, all several days before Jenn’s birthday. Somehow, and boy am I thankful, the two ziplocs both managed to stay closed.

Do you all know that seeds are best kept dry? Can I tell you now, that never, not once, has such a sweet gift smelled so incredibly bad? The smell literally knocked us all back as Jenn removed the ziplocs from the gift bag… and they were sealed! The odor was so bad we had to take them out of the house immediately!

So, happy birthday, Jenn. We do love you… enough to give you stinky gifts. (And thanks Aspen, for having such grace throughout the opening. Aspen laughed with us… she is so incredibly sweet.)

Lest they feel left out, Oakley and Lindy both brought sweet gifts for Jenn as well. Oakley’s cards are everywhere and very cute, and Lindy drew pictures of both Jenn and me, Jenn’s with far more hair than mine.

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