< class="entry-title">Day 4 :: Old Roma

OK, I have to admit it, I stopped taking good notes on funny moments. Perhaps Jenn will be able to help me recreate some. I can promise, though, that the pictures from Day 4 are better than the prior days… You’ll have to visit later to actually see some photography linked here.

Campo for breakfast… Jenn discovered Forno, in the SW corner of Campo, which means bakery. She bought a few pastries, which I loved. So, the breakfast continues to improve. We slept in, had a great morning again, and headed out to the Coliseum and old Rome. Again, Rick Steves helped us find our way past most of the line and into a guided tour (that somehow cost less than it should have… they wouldn’t let us pay for any of the kids.)

I thought the Coliseum was pretty cool. Lindy rode my back again (and again fell asleep) and we got to explore something really old. The girls have been pretty into gladiators and why they do what they do. As we were discussing them in the security line, we were convincing Lindy that she shouldn’t try to approach them. (If you do, they try to swindle you for a 100 euro picture.) We were discussing how gladiators can be scary and how the movie Gladiator was also scary. Aspen rebuffed us though…

Aspen: I’d be OK. I’ve seen scary movies before.
Tim: Really? What have you seen?
Aspen: That movie at school… With the black and white dogs.
Tim: 101 Dalmatians?
Aspen: Yes.
Tim: Oh, OK.

We left the Coliseum with a few pictures and attempted to enter the Forum. Rick Steves sent us up the Via Sacra… the Romans prevented it. We found a sneaky way around, except that we couldn’t find our way through the wall. So, lunch in a quiet spot near Palatine Hill served well. We found our way back around (some 500m later) into the proper enterance for Palatine Hill and the Forum. Both are pretty cool, and provide excellent freedom of movement. The kids ran a bit, we explored (and could have done so more).

From there, we hoofed it back to the apar…. WAIT A SECOND! WAIT!! I just realized that I’m three days into Rome and I have completely failed to mention gelato (ok, I mentioned it, but just on the first day or something). By the end of this night, I had completed my 7th serving of gelato. That’s right, 7, in about 60 hours. All you people who doubted that I would deliver on my promises of eating of a lot of gelato should know not to doubt me. My conclusion is that San Crispino is the absolute winner. Hands down.

So, back to the apartment for a bit of rest before dinner. We headed over to Da Baffetto for some pizza. Typical Roman style, thin crust, and, frankly, a rude waiter. So, we had just a couple of small pizzas and headed over to Campo for some more pizza… that’s right… two consecutive dinners. This time, we picked up some more at Forno. Yes, we ate at Forno on the way into town, two breakfasts’ worth, and again for a second dinner. And yes, it was better than Baffetto or any other pizza we had.

As we were cruising up toward Piazza Navona for our nightly gelato, we saw some crazy people riding a horse and carriage and screaming at us. I figured it was just more of my fans. I was wrong, though… it was Jocelyn, Felicia, and their parents. What a serendipitous encounter. We spent a good hour together in the square enjoying each others’ company before parting company again.

We voyaged over to Piazza Navona to check out a few street performers. The clown really seemed to like me and my big bald head, so I found my way into the show. Lindy found herself a frozen man she really liked as well. By the end of the show, none other than Kiana came running up behind me. Another great surprise…

Enough for day 4. Tomorrow, we head out to Tuscany. Or, at least, to the rental car agency where things slow to a halt…

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