< class="entry-title">Day 18 :: Montinelle to Milan

Getting back to the United States from Italy is not a trivial manner. In some sense, it takes two full days. We started the process by checking out of La Filanda at 10am on Day 18. We had originally chosen to come to Lake Garda based on a recommendation from a book called Italy with Kids. It mentioned that Sirmione was a fantastic treat and suggested a visit to Gardaland. Gardaland is a theme park like Disneyland, and we wisely chose to avoid that. On our last day, we thought we would visit Sirmione.

Sirmione has a castle and is a remarkable isthmus, reaching out into Lake Garda. The water around it is an amazing blue (reminiscent of Rae’s Creek at the Masters, when they used to dye it). So, we visited, explored, etc. Sirmione wasn’t thrilling, and my lasting memory is this. If ever there was a city that should have prevented ALL cars from entering, it is this one. The streets are marginally wider than those in Venice, and we were constantly hugging walls so that we wouldn’t get run over.

So, off from Sirmione we went with assistance from the GPS. I will now suggest to all of you that bring a GPS when you come to Europe. The reduction in stress from not having to worry about directions is worth whatever it costs.

We arrived at the Hotel Cardano a few hours later and set up camp for the night. This was our first night staying in a single room together. It made for some funny times, as we were all a little loopy. I believe the bottom shaking competition came down to Jenn and Lindy. I will not reveal the winner here.

A good night’s sleep, and we were done with our last full day in Italy.

I would like it noted that we are very tired of pizza.

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