< class="entry-title">Day 17 :: Montinelle

Lake Garda offers many options… we could have hopped into a car and explored the far reaches of this marvelous lake. BUT, the time has come for relaxing and indulging our children’s desires before our own. That meant we need to go play rather than exploring.

We headed back to the same beach we visited yesterday, but this time we did NOT walk past the paddleboats. We walked right up to them. Yes, it seems a bit like something from a Chevy Chase movie, but we piled the whole family onto the paddleboat and headed out for Isola San Biagio. Jenn and I pedaled our way out and the girls rode on the front. Yes, it seems like the kind of thing that could be a disaster in so many ways. But, remarkably, it WASN’T. We had a great time even though we couldn’t dock on the island (which was sadly private and required paying a fee). So we messed around in the shallow area around the island and the girls really liked swimming in the lake. (Except Oakley didn’t like wearing goggles, because she could see the “green” in the distance.)

We had a floating lunch (the third of five meals we would purchase from the same butcher in our time in Montinelle) and played in the water some more. And I am only slightly ashamed to mention that I allowed the boat guy to UNDERCHARGE us for the boat. That’s right, we were charged for only one our after having the boat for THREE… So, while Italy has taken a good bite out of my wallet a few times, it gave me back E17 worth today, so I feel like a winner.

The day concluded much like the prior one. Come back, rest, get some pasta from the butcher, make sauce, play at the pool, eat dinner, play at the playground… The girls loved and so did we. Lake Garda and La Filanda have really served us well. Tomorrow, we head to Sirmione en route to Milan in the end. A bit of adventure awaits tomorrow before the pure travels begin. I am both happy and sad…

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