< class="entry-title">Day 16 :: Montinelle

We got lucky indeed. La Filanda is treating us well (with the exception of more bug bites like we got in Venice). Our place is excellent. No mold, plenty of room, people who aim to please us. It’s a good combination. And, to this point, we’ve seen no one else who speaks English much at all.

We took a bit of a lazy morning while Jenn did her run and collected some pastries in town. She came back, cooked up some eggs and we ate before heading out for our morning hike. The hike started literally at our door, and within 30 minutes, we had reached the pinnacle of the climb. Yes, I know, 30 minutes sounds like it can’t be much of a view, but you will be corrected by the pictures I’ll post here later. The Rocca, as it’s called, is a startlingly beautiful view in 360 degrees. The lake encompasses at least 300 of those degrees and the ruin that’s at the top is fun to explore as well. I honestly can’t think of a view I’ve encountered in my life that exceeds this one. And it was accessible enough that only Lindy required any assistance in reaching the top. Pretty awesome.

From there, we descended the mountain, stopped at the apartment, and headed in to town to collect some salami, cheese, and bread, our lunch. We packed that and ourselves in the car for a 3 minute drive down to the water and had lunch at a pebble beach with about 300 Europeans. The water is remarkably warm and the rocks weren’t a problem in our Keens so we had a good old time. Eros and Eros are happy to note that there was a nude sunbather in addition to several speedo clad men, so the European influence is in full force. Fortunately, we didn’t end up having to discuss it with the girls.

A bit of gelato and rest time at the apartment leave me where I am… hoping to get internet access to post a week’s worth of posts… I’m off to try again.

(Continuing later…)

Not much else of note on Day 16… We decided we were tired of going out to dinner at restaurants that were both expensive and not very good, so, we created our own. I bought some pasta from the butcher (yes). It was ravioli, that I could tell. It contained zuca. Any ideas? The butcher and I worked it out and it tasted excellent (think Halloween). Jenn created a sauce from some tomatoes as well.

An evening of pool time, homemade dinner, playground time, and sleep is a good one. I like the slower life of these smaller towns.

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