"Mommy & Daddy can!"

So, I was saying good night to the two older girls just now. It started with Oakley…

Oakley: Daddy, I was just going to ask…
Aspen: [preempting Oakley] This headboard is getting annoying.
Tim: Just move your pillow down, it won’t bump it.
Aspen: OK.
Oakley: I said to Aspen, “I wish you could sleep in my bed.” And she said, “I wish I could, too.”
Aspen: No, I didn’t.
Oakley: Yes, you did.
Tim: You wish you could snuggle with Oakley, Aspen?
Aspen: Yes.
Tim: Well, that’s sweet. It wouldn’t be good for sleeping though, OK?
Aspen: OK.
Tim: In Italy, though, I’m sure there will be nights where you guys share a bed, so you can snuggle then.
Aspen: OK.
Oakley: Are we going to have bunk beds?
Tim: Yes.
Aspen: I wish we could have them for more than one night.
Tim: Why, so both of you can sleep on top?
Aspen: Yes.
Tim: We will.
Oakley: Yes!
Aspen: How many nights will we have them?
Tim: Three.
Oakley: Who will get to sleep there the third night?
Tim: I don’t know, we’ll see.
Oakley: Mommy & Daddy can!

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