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Sorry, I missed a day yesterday. I found myself laid up in bed for most of the day yesterday with whatever it is that’s making its way around. Fortunately, I was just about entirely recovered 14 hours after it started.

So, I decided to stay out of the office today in effort to stop the spread of what I’ve got. That meant a day of working from home, which is fine by me. My job is cool because I can actually still work with all the folks at the office (Mike, Kevin, Troy and others) using instant messenger, etc. The impact on work is minimal, and the alternative setting can actually help me focus on different stuff.

But how cool is this… it’s like 45 degrees today, and beautifully sunny. So I thought, “Why not work on the screened porch?” Aspen and I spent Saturday afternoon clearing the cedar branches that had been removed for the treehouse. We brought them up to the house, and they make the most excellent firewood. So I’m working in the sun, by a big fire. It’s pretty excellent.

A quick note for those of you with white Macbooks… soot and the Macbook are not particularly good friends.

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