Marvelous Aspen

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Aspen had a big day today, including a trip to the pool with her friend Analise. When she returned, she needed to put together her Marvelous Me project for school. In honor of her birthday, they will celebrate her all week.

And I’ll follow their lead today. Since the picture is somewhat illegible, I’ll quote some aspects in text…

These are a few of my favorite things:
Color: “blue” (a brief departure from pink)
Animal: “horse”
Food: “pizza”
Book: “Mary Popins” [sic]
Sport: “Basketball”
Thing to do in school: “Recess”
Thing to do at home: “play with my sisters”

I am a star because… “I smile”

I show others I care by… “helping them”.

Write three super cool facts about yourself here:
“My sisters and I are named after trees.”
“I love animals.”
“I play basketball and soccer.”

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