Happy Birthday, Aspen (Part I)

20080208-31-14484.jpg, originally uploaded by flamingobear.

The celebration of Aspen’s birthday has begun. This year’s “party” was a special evening with her best friend Cassie. Cassie rode the bus home with Aspen (a first for Aspen) and we played briefly at home before heading out for some ice skating (keeping up with five women on the ice, Lindy included, was enough to prevent any pictures or video). Both girls did great, and then we headed over for dinner at no place other than Satco.

Cassie had never been, but she was incredibly good about trying Aspen’s favorite foods and now lists Satco among her favorites.

Dinner was followed with present opening and a visit to Ben & Jerry’s. A brief game of hide and seek, and the trip back to Cassie’s house ended the night.

Happy Birthday, Aspen!

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