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I’ve written about this before, but I got a nice reminder about it today. Michael Thompson, one of my counselors, and the current director at Camp Chippewa, visited today. He’s in town for the ACA and AIC annual conferences, and had enough time to come down to the house for a couple of hours.

Mike and I talked about camp for a while, but I’m kept up to date pretty well between the blog and the Rendezvous event I attended this summer. The biggest thing I realized is that camp needs “salespeople” of a sort. Michael spends tons of time “selling” camp to people all around the country.

As you’re all well aware, I don’t produce male offspring. Chippewa is a camp for boys, and for good, well thought out reasons. My influence has stretched to those I work with and my sisters, and even good friends… people that are close to me basically have daughters. So, I doubt that anyone reading this blog actually has a son to whom this would apply, but…

I want very much to help send more boys to Chippewa. Whether you are someone I know well, or a random reader of this blog, please write me at and ask about camp. So often we’re asked to help with something we don’t care about. It would be awesome to tell people about something I do care about.

I came back from my camp visit this summer thinking about it a lot. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how best to express what camp meant to me. It came down to this…

It is a powerful thing to visit the place where you learned the things about yourself of which you are most proud.

I remember a lot of stuff from school, and a lot of great people from college or volleyball, or whatever. But at camp, I learned a lot about independence, and how to deal with other people (boys in particular), and how to teach, and how to command attention… and countless other things I’m too tired to try to express eloquently tonight.

I’ll leave it at that, and it will give me an excuse to tell more about it another time. If you’ve got a son between the ages of 7 – 15, let me know. I’d love to make the sales pitch…

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