30 days. 30 posts?

Alright, so, Angie Six, a friend of ours, has started a project today. She’s shooting for 30 posts in 30 days. I was commenting on her blog that it sounded like a great idea, and that the result would be really cool to look back on, yadda yadda… And then it occurred to me that I would be pretty stupid not to try it myself. So, why not now, right?

Now, I tried something similar in December, where I was shooting for 30 days, 30 sporting events (playing in them, not watching). Through about two and a half weeks, I was ahead of pace… and then the calf injury struck.

So, I am well aware that I need to stay ahead of the one per day pace in case a clicking injury comes along (or writer’s block).

Enjoy this, or use it as a reason to unsubscribe… either way. Regardless, it gives me great license to post the random and the inane.

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