Funny Stuff

Tonight, after dinner, I decided to give the girls a bath early, and then play a game with them afterward. It worked out pretty well, because they did some funny stuff. After the game of Monopoly Junior (a Christmas gift to Oakley), we decided to read. Oakley had read The White Stallion to herself today (seriously), and she wanted to read it to us.

At dinner, she kept talking about Anna and “Grinch” as if they were both girls. I thought it a little odd that Grinch was a girl, but didn’t worry about it. We got to learn that Grinch was actually spelled Gretchen.

As she was reading to us, Oakley ran right through another word, stating that the “Must-ej” did something. She missed the work mustang in this case, but I’m just amazed by Oakley’s reading all the time. She really has no comprehension of phonics at all… she simply pays attention to words she’s learned and the context of those words. Things like Gretchen and Mustang don’t occur to her as wrong because they are words outside of the norm. She’s not bothered, and neither am I.

Incidentally, this is one place where not watching TV really seems to pay off for us. I’m certain it plays a role in how well Aspen reads, and that spills over like crazy. Oakley has learned to read simply by watching Aspen and wanting to. As Oakley was reading, Lindy walked over to me with a Magic Treehouse book about buffalo and said, “Two buffaloes. Jack and Annie.” I’m pretty sure that Lindy wasn’t ready, but she certainly wanted to.

Lastly, Lindy was sporting some new pajamas from Uncle Dougie tonight. She chose them after the bath and was really into the “snow globe pajamas“. The decal, like all decals, is kind of scratchy on the outside. She was rubbing it up and down with her fingernails and proceeded to say, “I’m playing my banjo.”

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