< class="entry-title">Aspen’s Basketball Debut

At last, after a few days of messing with formats and video companies, I have Aspen’s Basketball Debut ready for you.

Quite frankly, I was worried about this game. Our practices have been quite chaotic, and I thought things could be remarkably ugly. Well, the game was a pleasant surprise, as was Aspen’s play. She plays on a team with 5 2nd graders and one other 1st grader. But I think she looked like she belonged.

To help you, on this occasion, Aspen’s team is wearing blue. She’s number 7 (short, dark hair). The video consists of almost all of Aspen’s relevant, visible plays. It is fully 9 minutes long, so don’t feel you need to watch any/all of it. Things to watch for include Aspen’s great defensive hustle (and aptitude) and the fact that she scored once, had a couple of assists, and even took a ball off the nose.

As for the video, I’m trusting that I’ve got the embedding figured out. You should see the video itself right beneath this post. It will look pretty good here, certainly better than YouTube. But, if you really want a high definition experience, you have to click through to Vimeo’s hosting of the video. They have an HD option that make it look beautiful, even if you click the full screen option in lower right. So, if you want the full experience, click on this link (
Aspen’s Basketball Debut) and enjoy it over there. On a video as long as this one, I would say it’s worth it.

Also, special thanks to Jenn, who spent the whole game holding a video camera and watching two kids in the bleachers. No one would be able to watch any of this without Jenn’s cramping biceps.

Aspen’s Basketball Debut from Tim Martin on Vimeo.

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