"I like the way he looks"

So, we were at the Dolphin Club last night… it was about 7:30 and we literally had the pool entirely to ourselves. I was hanging out with Oakley, and three of the lifeguards walked by.

Oakley: That’s my favorite lifeguard.
Tim: Really? Which one?
Oakley (somewhat shyly): Don’t worry about it.
Tim: What? Just tell me, Oakley, it’s no big deal.
Oakley (shyly again): The boy.
Tim: Why is that?
Oakley (even more shyly): I like the way he looks.

I thought this was pretty funny. It was offset later, though, when she told Jenn she like the girl with the braids too. But it sure does start early, doesn’t it?

The other night, I was reading to the girls before bed. I noticed that Oakley wasn’t even really looking at the book. And she was kind of pursing her lips repeatedly… When questioned, she acknowledged that she was looking at me. And giving me kisses… How sweet is that?

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