< class="entry-title">Purple Bracelet

Well, I don’t have independent confirmation of this story, but I’m fairly sure it’s mostly accurate…

So, Aspen was given an award of sorts at school today. You’ve seen the yellow Livestrong bracelets; Aspen was given a purple one with the words Character Counts by the school guidance counselor along with several other folks. It seems that two people from each class were given the award, which included having their picture taken, for random acts of kindness. Aspen and her good friend Sean received the bracelet because they had been “caught” staying after lunch for a moment to pick up other people’s trash at the lunch table.

Sean and Aspen had also led a successful crusade at the school Mardi Gras event to get the lunch room custodian Jesus elected Mardi Gras King. (Note, the subject of the email that came out the following day from the school still makes me laugh. When you see a subject line that simply says, “Our Custodian, Jesus,” don’t you start thinking about bumper stickers?)

Regardless, I’m awfully proud of Aspen for being thoughtful even when no one was supposed to be watching.

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