First a birthday, now a smile

Aspen and I are really lucky. First we shared a birthday, now, for a short time, we share a smile. Aspen lost her first front tooth yesterday, after much time and, well, prodding.

Given that I have a painful lost tooth experience in my past (a sledding accident at age 15), I was loathe to reach into Aspen’s mouth and yank out a tooth. So, we let it work its way out. (Note: Aspen’s first bottom tooth came out at the hand of Aunt Karen’s very gentle touch.)

This tooth had been dangling for more than a week it seemed. I had been asking Aspen to wiggle it, trying to incent her with being a big girl, anything I could think of. Finally, over the weekend, the tooth actually started to turn gray. It had lost its connection to the blood stream. And yet still, it hung on. I had wiggled it, Aspen had wiggled it… it was completely crooked… just bizzare. And it was still stuck. At last, at dinner, Jenn and I issued the ultimatum. If it’s not out by morning, we’re yanking it out.

Well, later in the meal, I looked up at Aspen, and it was gone. I told Aspen immediately to spit out the food in her mouth. Jenn plucked through the bite… nothing. She inspected Aspen’s mouth… nothing. Um, uh, oh no, she, well, she must have swallowed it… I’m thinking, “Damage control!” Jenn quickly mentioned that we could leave a note for the tooth fairy. I told her that I had swallowed my tooth when it was knocked out. And Oakley, all of four years old, came with the gem… “It’s gonna come out in your poop!” Too funny. How she knew that, I have no idea.

Well, in the end, the tooth had fallen out earlier onto a different part of the plate. All is well, and the tooth fairy will soon have delivered to another destination. Congratulations, Aspen, now, how about that other dangling dental digit?

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