< class="entry-title">Aspen’s Pretend Sleepover

Aspen’s party this year was a pretend sleepover at our house. As is our tradition, Aspen was allowed to invite six friends, and they arrived at 5 o’clock bearing sleeping bags and a stuffed animal. In addition to eating pizza, cake, and ice cream, we played several slumber party-ish games. We played musical sleeping bags, sleeping bag (potato sack) races, hide and find stuffed animals, and sardines, all under the light of the kids’ personal flashlights. We had a great time, and Aspen described the party as awesome.

Aspen’s guests were: Sean (gray shirt, standing), Oakley (pink shirt, standing), herself, James (next to Aspen), Ryan (next to James), Cassie (gray shirt under…), Brooke, and Vivian (at the far right).

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