Prom: Part 3

K and Aspen Aspen, K, Quinn, and Emma Parker, Katie, K, and Aspen The 4 Trees: Linden, Ash, Aspen, and Oakley When he even makes your dog smile! Quinn and K The sock game is strong with this one    

Celia, Aspen, Katie, Miller

Prom: Part 2

Celia, Aspen, Katie, and Miller     Watch me whip!     Watch me elbow?! Aspen and Katie Aspen and Celia   2 thumbs up, way up! Zeus getting in on the pics   And to think Zeus used to growl at Katie   Seriously, could they be any cuter?! …

From Tim:

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2018 Willco Awards

2018 Willco Awards

Female Team of the Year   The Juniors (l-r): Sydney, Celia, Tori, Aspen, Analeigh, and Andrea The Freshmen (l-r): Morgan, Reese, Karaley, …